Once a month on a Wednesday afternoon we close along with all other practices in Sunderland.  This is protected time for the clinicians and staff to be kept up to date in partnership with Sunderland Clinical Commissioing Group.  During the afternoon calls are taken on behalf of all practices by 111 and patients who require urgent care are directed to the best service for the patient at that time.

Over the next couple of months the practice will be changing its telephone system. We have spoken to some patient group members about the new system and they wlecomed the changes.  We will keep you up to date prior to the changes happening.

Our Practice is highly patient focused and we have a multidisciplinary approach to patients’ health care. We aim to deliver the best for our patients by combining the skills of the practice team with other health and social care workers in the community.

We provide modern health care facilities and focus on continually improving the health of our patients and residents of the community.

This website is aimed at providing you the important information about our practice, our services and our staff in addition to some other useful information and tools available for you to use. Please have a look around and send us any comments or suggestions if you like. We can use your comments and ideas to improve our online services and develop the content of this site accordingly.

A ‘healthy lifestyle’ is what we recommend:

  • Stop smoking
  • Eat a balanced diet with plenty of fruit and veg
  • Exercise regularly
  • Keep alcohol intake within recommended limits


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