Patient Participation Group Report

The PPG was created in 2012/13. The PPG is mostly a Virtual patient group as communication is usually by email but some patients have agreed to attend the practice for  face to face meetings with the practice manager and , ideally, a GP.

The recruitment of more members is on-going by advertising, using various methods e.g. posters and flyers, placed in reception. The doctors, nurses and reception staff also continue to ask patients if they would like to join.

Our current membership has dropped since last year to 25 patients due to some members leaving the practice as they have moved elsewhere in the UK or abroad. It consists of 16 White/British with the remainder a mix of several ethnic groups. 15 patients are over 65- 8 male and 7 female,8 patients aged 25-64, 4 male and 4 female, 2 patients are under 25, both female. 6 patients are from ethnic groups.


PPG meetings



What he PPG have discussed this year 2014-15

The PPG discussed priorities, and agreed to do a survey looking at the availability and flexibility  of being seen by a GP of choice whenever appropriate. The members felt this would improve continuity of care provided.

Some members of the PPG asked if the GPs would make a designated time for telephone consultations for patients who did not need to see the GP face to face, but just wanted advice or information, e.g. test results.

Since the practice has moved to our new premises, the number of patients declared registered with the practice has grown very quickly in the last year, showing a significant increase in our list size. The PPG members recognise that the practice resources would be under more pressure and demand because of this and suggested that the practice reviews the boundary area from which we currently accept patients.

The PPG again were disappointed that there was no progress in providing more parking facilities at the practice.

The PPG praised the practice in being involved with the Riverview Out of Hours project which provides additional access to a GP in the evenings and at weekends when the practice is closed. Both GPs, the practice manager and two receptionists offered their services for the project.

The PPG were happy the the practice will be offering On-Line Access and Electronic Prescribing.

Annual Survey 2014/15 results

The questions were agreed with the PPG.

Extract of minutes from meeting 19.2.2015.

A survey was carried out in January 2015, asking patients who had been given appointments by arrangement with the GP of their choice. 100% of the 30 patients who were asked were extremely happy with this new element of availability and expressed the hope that this would continue. this information was discussed with the PPG.

 An audit of telephone consultations was carried out in February 2015 which showed only 6 patients utilised this service in the first two weeks of February. It was agreed to continue this service and make it available on a daily basis. 

An audit is carried out every month to check the number of patients who fail to attend appointments for both doctors and nurses and the results are displayed on a poster at reception. Sadly, the numbers continue to be high, averaging 150-200 appointments wasted every month. 

The PPG agreed an action plan for the above issues which is felt will improve access to the practice.

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