The surgery will be closed on Wednesday 14th November from 12 noon until 8am on Thursday 15th November for mandatory staff training held by Sunderland Clinical Commissioning Group

Any patient that requires medical assistance in this time is asked to call 111

If you have a medical emergency such as chest pain, shortness of breath or excessive bleeding please dial 999

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Friends & Family Test – August 2018 results

The NHS Friends & Family Test asks How likely are you to recommend our GP practice to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment?”

 9 patients completed the survey in August and the following results were returned:

  • Extremely likely: 6
  • Likely: 2
  • Neither likely or unlikely: 1
  • Unlikely: 0
  • Extremely unlikely: 0
  • Don’t Know: 0

Patient feedback helps us to improve our services.  Please take a moment to complete a survey at reception next time you visit the practice.

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GDPR – Privacy Notice Park Lane Practice

Privacy Notice




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Patient Participation Group Minutes 08.12.16

Park Lane PPG Dec 2016

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Patient Participation Group Report

The PPG was created in 2012/13. The PPG is mostly a Virtual patient group as communication is usually by email but some patients have agreed to attend the practice for  face to face meetings with the practice manager and , ideally, a GP.

The recruitment of more members is on-going by advertising, using various methods e.g. posters and flyers, placed in reception. The doctors, nurses and reception staff also continue to ask patients if they would like to join.

Our current membership has dropped since last year to 25 patients due to some members leaving the practice as they have moved elsewhere in the UK or abroad. It consists of 16 White/British with the remainder a mix of several ethnic groups. 15 patients are over 65- 8 male and 7 female,8 patients aged 25-64, 4 male and 4 female, 2 patients are under 25, both female. 6 patients are from ethnic groups.


PPG meetings



What he PPG have discussed this year 2014-15

The PPG discussed priorities, and agreed to do a survey looking at the availability and flexibility  of being seen by a GP of choice whenever appropriate. The members felt this would improve continuity of care provided.

Some members of the PPG asked if the GPs would make a designated time for telephone consultations for patients who did not need to see the GP face to face, but just wanted advice or information, e.g. test results.

Since the practice has moved to our new premises, the number of patients declared registered with the practice has grown very quickly in the last year, showing a significant increase in our list size. The PPG members recognise that the practice resources would be under more pressure and demand because of this and suggested that the practice reviews the boundary area from which we currently accept patients.

The PPG again were disappointed that there was no progress in providing more parking facilities at the practice.

The PPG praised the practice in being involved with the Riverview Out of Hours project which provides additional access to a GP in the evenings and at weekends when the practice is closed. Both GPs, the practice manager and two receptionists offered their services for the project.

The PPG were happy the the practice will be offering On-Line Access and Electronic Prescribing.

Annual Survey 2014/15 results

The questions were agreed with the PPG.

Extract of minutes from meeting 19.2.2015.

A survey was carried out in January 2015, asking patients who had been given appointments by arrangement with the GP of their choice. 100% of the 30 patients who were asked were extremely happy with this new element of availability and expressed the hope that this would continue. this information was discussed with the PPG.

 An audit of telephone consultations was carried out in February 2015 which showed only 6 patients utilised this service in the first two weeks of February. It was agreed to continue this service and make it available on a daily basis. 

An audit is carried out every month to check the number of patients who fail to attend appointments for both doctors and nurses and the results are displayed on a poster at reception. Sadly, the numbers continue to be high, averaging 150-200 appointments wasted every month. 

The PPG agreed an action plan for the above issues which is felt will improve access to the practice.

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We are now able to provide Patient On-Line Access. You can now view, book and cancel appointments from home, work or on the move-wherever you can connect to the Internet. this is a 24 hour online service so you can do this in your own time, day or night.

You can also order repeat prescriptions.

Change address details.

If you sre 18 years or over you can view parts of your medical record such as allergies, adverse reactions and immunisations. You will require access rights to enable you to view your records and must sign a consent form,available from recption. Some form of identification may also be needed.

You need to register or be already registered with the practice.

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From 1st December 2014, the practice will be giving out a survey to our patients who have used our service in any way.

Answers will be anonymous but comments may be used in a newsletter or a post. Please let us know on the form if you would rather this didn’t happen.

You can complete the survey as many times as you like.

Friends and Family Survey Results

In January 2015, 95% of patients who did the survey have said they would be extremely likely to recommend this GP practice to their friends or family,5% said they would be likely to recommend the practice. We are very pleased with the outcome of this survey and will continue to continue to try to improve our service.

In February 2015, 95% of patients who did the survey have said that they would be extremely likely to recommend the practice to their friends or family Again, we are most pleased with this outcome.

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We went going live with Summary Care Records on 18th March 2015. This means that other services that you may visit, such as Out Of Hours will, with your consent, be able to view some parts of your record.

The only parts they would be able to see are:

Medication you are taking


Adverse reactions

This will make it much easier for the clinician to treat you.

If you would rather opt out, please tell a receptionist.

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The practice is going live on Tuesday 5th May 2015. This means that from this date the practice will be able to send your prescription electronically to a nominated pharmacy of your choice. You can still collect your prescription as normal Nothing will change for patients that do not wish to use this service. Please ask at reception for a form if you would like to use this service.


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Our current PPG comprises of a group of patients who have expressed a particular interest in the services the Practice offers and discuss how these are delivered and possibly improved. If you are interested please contact us using this website or be telephoning 0191 5026475 or email

Creating the PPG 

The practice created the PPG in 2012/13. The recruitment of more memebers is on-going by advertising using various methods e.g. posters and flyers are placed in reception. The doctors and reception staff also continue to ask patients if they would like to join the goup.

Our current membership consists of 45 patients and are a mixture of White/British and some ethnic groups are also represented. 15 patients are over 65-8 male and 7 female, 6 male 25-64 6 female 25-64, 8 male under 25 and 10 female under 25. We are pleased to report that 6 patients are from ethnic groups. We are continuing to try to recruit more.

PPG meetings




What the PPG have discussed this year 2013-2014

The PPG discussed priorities and agreed to re-do the survey from the previous year which asked questions about the availability of more appointments and the numbers of patients who failed to attend an appointment.

The group also again raised the issue of inadequate parking at the surgery. There are very few spaces available, only 2 disabled and 4 patient spaces. There is a private, fee-incurring car park nearby but the patients feel that they should not have to pay to park to see their doctor! They cannot understand how some practices have plenty of parking and they don’t. The practice manager will endeavour to liase with the SCCG to see if something can de done.

The group praised the availability of phsyiotherapists in the practice as they now can offer more appointments as they use 2 consulting rooms and are working in the practice every day now.

The group were also happy that the CPN and IAPT departments use some of our spare consulting rooms to see some of our patients here which helps the patients feel more comfortable in familiar surroundings. The Sunderland Counselling Service also uses one of our consulting  rooms.

Annual Survey 2013/14 results

The questions were again agreed with the PPG.

Extract of minutes from the meeting 25.9.13.

A survey was carried out during the month of August by giving 100 random patients a short questionnaire to fill in when they attended the practice for either an appointment or to collect a prescription.

How easy was it to contact the surgery by telephone? 

It was shown by the survey that 69% of patients who had contacted the surgery by telephone found it easy to get through. The other 31% of patients said that they experienced difficulty especially when the surgery first opened in the morning as the telephone lines were often engaged.

How soon can you normally be seen by a doctor or nurse?

45% of patients said they were happy that they were able to see a doctor or nurse within 2 days. 25% of patients said they were sometimes asked to wait longer than this but if they had an urgent problem they were happy that the doctor would see them sooner if appropriate. The other 30% of patients said they felt more appointments should be made available.

How happy are you with the reception staff?

80% of patients said they were happy with the service given by the receptionists. 15% of patients were sometimes unhappy that the receptionist would ask them what the medical problem was when they rang to make an urgent appointment. 5% of patients said they had sometimes asked to speak to the practice manager instead of the receptionists.


The practice reviewed these results in a practice meeting and then discussed them with the PPG . They agreed an action plan to improve access to the practice by continuing to allow patients to email the practice manager to make appointments, order prescriptions or had any other enquiry as this would save them trying to contact the practice by telephone. The group thought this was be very helpful and several members of the group said that they had used this form of comunication.

  The doctors agreed to offer more appointments by starting their clinics earlier in the morning and afternoon.

It was discussed that the practice is still experiencing an increase in numbers of patients who fail to attend appointments. It was agreed that  the practice manager would contact any patient who had failed to attend more that 3 appointments in the last 12 months and advise them that if they failed to attend another appointment they would be asked to leave the practice. The practice advised that they always felt this was a “last resort” but would have to implement this policy if necessary. The group agreed it was shocking to see that some patients would miss so many apppointments.

The practice would continue to monitor how many patients failed to attend appointments on a monthly basis.

Extract of minutes from PPG meeting 5.2.14.

An audit of numbers of patients who failed to attend appointments showed no real improvement. The practice manager advised she had had to contact 25 patients since the last PPG meeting , who had missed 3 appointments in the last 12 months. The practice manager advised that the practice would continue to display on a poster every month the numbers of patients who failed to attend.