If you provide unpaid help or look after a family member or friend who is ill, disabled, frail or elderly who can’t manage without your support then you are a carer.

Many people caring for a relative don’t think of themselves as being a carer and many carers don’t realise that support is available to support them in their caring role and help them maintain their own health and well-being. GP practices and Carers Centres are trying to work together so that carers will have easier accesss to the help and support that they are entitled to.

Please let us know if you are a carer or contact Sunderland Carer’s Centre directly at the address or telephone number below.

Sunderland carer’s Centre offers a confidential advice, information and support service to carers throughout the City of Sunderland.

Sunderland Carer’s Centre, Thompson Park, Thompson Road, Sunderland, SR2 1SF

Telephone 0191 5493768

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Patient Participation Group (PPG)

Our PPG comprises of a group of patients who have expressed a particular interest in the services the Practice offers and how these could be improved. The PPG still requires representatives from the  ethnic minority groups. If you are interested please contact us using this website or by telephone 0191 5026475 or email


Creating the PPG

The practice advertised for members by variuos means,fylers, posters were displayed in the waiting room and given out with prescriptions by the reception staff. The doctors also asked patients  if they would like to join the group at the end of a consultation. We also had a small number of patients who already used email to contact the surgery and all of these were happy to join the PPG. 

Our current membership consists of 27 patients, all White/British ethnic group, 5 male over 65, 3 female over 65, 4 male 25-64, 2 female 25-64 , 4 male under 25, 9 female under 25.

Meetings 2012/2013

3rd May 2012

19th July 2012

17th January 2013

What the PPG have achieved this year- 2012/2013

The PPG discussed priorities and concerns with the practice. They asked the practice to display the number of patients who failed to attend an appointment on a monthly basis in the hope that it would try to reduce the high volume of wasted appointments for both the doctors and nurses. A survey was carried out asking questions regarding the availabilty of apppointments, the results of which are posted at the end of this report.

A Practice newsletter was posted in April 2012 askiing patients to comment on the fact that another GP surgery was possibly going to move into the premises. A survey was carried out and 99% of the 200 patients consulted agrred that they would not want this to happen.

The PPG also discussed the on-going concern regarding the lack of parking at the surgery, especially for disabled patients. The practice continues to monitor cars parked at the surgery which do not belong to any staff or patients attending the surgery. 

The PPG asked if a radio feed could be installed in the waiting room instead of music played from CD’s. The practice manager explained that this would not be possible at that time but would review the question in six months time.

The PPG asked that newsletters would continue to be developed and posted on the web-site. the practice agreed to attempt to post these quarterly.

Annual Survey 2012/13 results

The questions were agreed with the PPG and they were involved in it’s design

Extract from the minutes of PPG meeting 19th July 2012

It was confirmed that the other GP surgery would not be moving into the premises after all, much to the delight of the patients. The practice manager informed the group that physiotherapists would be using one of the consulting rooms on a regular basis. The PPG agreed that this would be of great benefit.

The results of the survey regarding availability of appointments and how easy it was to get through to the surgery and the helpfulness of the receptionists are as follows. The results were printed and handed out to the PPG. The PPG agreed with the proposed action plan.

How many times did you contact the surgery in the last 6 months?

30%                                  0

 50%                                  1-3

17%                                    4-6

How easy was it to get through to the surgery?

50%                                    Very easy

16%                                     N/A

33%                                     Quite easy

How soon can you normally be seen by a clinician?

17%                                     Same day

34%                                     Next day

33%                                     Within 2 days

16%                                      Longer

How satisfied are you with the reception staff?

Very satisfied                     80%

Satisfied                              20%

Dissatisfied                           0%

The practice reviwed these results and discussed them with the PPG. As a result of the survey it was agreed to implement the following action plan.

To improve telephone access to the surgery and make patients aware that they can book appointments by email .

The doctors agreed to offer more early morning and late afternoon appointments to help patients who work.

The doctors agreed to make more time available for telephone consultations every day.

To continue to try to reduce FTA apppointments.

This action plan will be reviewed in six months time.

Extract of minutes from PPG meeting 17th JANUARY 2013

An internal audit of FTA appointments showed a slight improvement in numbers but further education and cooperation is still required from the patients.

It would appear that patients are happier with the extra availability of the doctors offering early and late appointments as well as the  extended availabilty to consult by telephone.

The PPG were informed that the Memory Protection Service would be using two of the consulting rooms which would be of benefit to patients not having to travel to hospital for their appointments. However, this is only temporary as the service would be moving to Pallion in February 2013.

The Community Psychiatric Nurse and IAPT services would be using the two consulting rooms after the MPS moved to Pallion in February 2013. The PPG agreed that this also would be of great benefit to the patients.




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New website for the practice

Welcome to our new website which has been developed to provide the latest and useful information to the patients and visitors. We hope you find the website user friendly and it’s easy for you to locate the desired information.

Please take a look around and see how this new website can make things easier for you and let us know if you have any comments or suggestions via our online form.

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